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Verification and Validation of Technology

Start-up and established biotechnology, life science and pharmaceutical companies face a plethora of opportunities to grow and expand their product pipeline through licensing or joint venture with research organisations. How do you determine which opportunities to pursue and which ones to pass? It’s not easy. Did you know that it has been reported that as few as 15% of reported academic discoveries could be replicated by independent big pharma companies?


Sorting the wheat from the chaff requires deep experience in both science and business. You need to be sure that the underlying science is sound, to understand the commercialisation path and hurdles, and to be aware of the competitive environment both current and likely, at the very least. With my broad background in a range of diverse life science fields, I am able to conduct a deep assessment of the potential technology being considered.

Business Plan Writing/Reviewing

With the ability to span both science and business, I am able to construct and revise business plans for commercialisation of life science intellectual property, in particular in the diagnostic and therapeutic fields.



Prospectus Writing

Explaining the underlying science of the business clearly and concisely to investors in a prospectus is very important, along with the potential risks and upside benefit. This requires a detailed understanding of the technical aspects of the technology as well as experience in taking products from the laboratory bench to the market.

Independent Expert Reports

With diverse expertise across the life sciences, I am able to provide a comprehensive analysis of the science and of its prospects for commercialisation.

Board Roles

As an experienced Company Director in the Executive, Non-Executive and Chairman roles, and as a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, I have a deep understanding of Corporate Governance and reporting requirements of public companies, and I am available for short term or
longer-term Board roles.

Investor Presentations and Capital Raising

Advice on presenting to investors and introduction to potential sources of capital in the USA. If you are travelling to international biotech meetings such as JP Morgan or BIO, you need to know how to maximise your brief one-on-one meetings. Presentations need to be clear, concise and, most important of all, flexible, to meet the needs of different audiences. Utilise the benefits of my experience in successful capital raising to assist you in this process.


I have mentored several early career scientists, assisting them in career decisions and planning,
job applications and interview preparation, advice in negotiating with current or potential
employers, and other relevant matters. I do not charge fees for this service.

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